Kari Cavén, Uudelleensyntynyt 2006. Joensuun taidemuseo.

8 October 2020 – 10 January 2021
Fleeting Existence

Joensuu Art Museum's autumn exhibition explores the transience and momentariness of life as well as various forms of existence. It comprises works from the museum’s own collections as well as the works of three contemporary artists from North Karelia. The oldest works on display are from the late 1800s and the most recent ones are from this year. The works from the Museum’s collections are by artists who each in their own way examined the nature of life and existence in their art.

There is graphic art by Hugo Simberg, who portrayed death, in the form of a skeleton, as a gentle and benevolent figure. Familiar materials are given a new life and meaning by sculptor Kari Cavén, who uses discarded items to create new and surprising combinations. The works of Juhani Harri, a pioneer in Finnish object art, also feature the remains and leftovers of daily life discovered at flea markets and landfills and in nature.

The exhibition space on the ground floor displays installations by contemporary artists Maija Laurinen and Michal Czinege from Nurmes.

In her work, Laurinen explores the limits of human perception and memory with a subtle, delicate touch. The work examines the way in which the boundaries of our individual realities set a framework for how we perceive our surroundings.

The transience of perception and the presence of the viewer also play a key role in Czinege’s work. The work, which is on display for the first time at Joensuu Art Museum, reveals a slowly moving image of a moth.

In the first-floor auditorium, visitors can experience Innaarsuite, a sound installation by Tuomas Ollikainen, from Joensuu. The work creates a parallel dimension in the space, where icebergs, deserted buildings and ghosts criss-cross the open sea.

Pictured: Kari Cavén, Uudelleensyntynyt (Reborn) 2006. Joensuu Art Museum's collection.
Main picture: Lotta Pyykkönen, Palasia taivaasta (Pieces of Heaven) 1996. Joensuu Art Museum's collection.


Jasmin Anoschkin, Kultaiset kuukautiset kahdella Lonervalla 2018. Kuva: Jefunne GimpelSoili Talja, Kasvimuotoja I 2019. Kuvat: Jefunne Gimpel.
28 January – 18 April 2021
Golden Menstruation and Divine Ground – Jasmin Anoschkin and Soili Talja




Summer 2021: Camilla Vuorenmaa

Camilla Vuorenmaa (b. 1979) combines painting and woodcut technique in her works, which expand outside the frames of traditional painting. She was awarded the Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize in 2015 and the International Solo Award in 2013.

Pictured: Camilla Vuorenmaa, Mummies 2017. Painting and woodcut, 240 x 180 cm. Photo by Jussi Tiainen

Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Exhibitions

Joensuu Art Museum houses an interesting collection of art from Finland and around the world, mainly donated to the museum by private collectors. The permanent exhibitions include Finnish art from 1850s to modern days, Greek and Roman antiquities, Eastern Orthodox icons, catholic church art from Southern and Central Europe, and a collection of Chinese art, in which the oldest artefacts are from 1600 BCE. The museum's collections of antiquities and Chinese art are among the most significant ones on public display in Finland.

The antiquities collection is currently not on display (autumn 2020). The Chinese collection and the icon collection on the 2nd floor are temporarily closed from 26 October 2020 and will be re-opened in December 2020.

Icons, Joensuu Art Museum Arla

Chinese art Resetti

Picture 1: Icon collection. Picture 2: Finnish paintings and furniture from the late 19th century. Picture 3: Chinese sculptures from the 16th and the 18th century. Picture 4: Finnish Modernism from the 1950s, bronze sculpture on the right by Giacomo Manzù (Italy).



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