Decision making

City Council

City Council is the highest decision-making body in the city of Joensuu. It is elected in municipal elections every four years. The current council started its operational period in August 2021. Joensuu City Council has 59 members. Council meetings are organised about once a month. They are open to public and can be followed through the city Youtube channel.

The dates of the meetings can be seen on the city's website (in Finnish)

City council decides e.g. about city strategy and other important objectives, city budget and municipal tax rate as well as the bases of the organisational structure of city administration.

Joensuu City Council groups are currently Social Democratic Party (14 seats), Centre Party (13 seats), National Coalition Party (9 seats), Finns Party (8 seats), Greens of Finland (7 seats), Left Alliance (5 seats), Christian Democrats (2 seats) and Liike Nyt Movement (1 seat).

The agendas and decisions of the City Council are published in Finnish on the website.

City Board

The City Council elects the 11 members for Joensuu City Board. City Board meets normally once a week on Mondays and directs the city administration, prepares issues for the City Council and supervises the execution of Council decisions. The meetings are not public, but the agendas of the meetings are available on the City website in advance. The decisions of the Board are also posted on the website normally immediately after the meeting. City board sub-committees include the committee for personal and employment as well as committee for the ownership management of city concern.

The agendas and decisions of the City Board are published in Finnish on the City's website.


The committees are also political bodies elected by the City Council. The agendas and decisions of committee meetings are available to the public on city web pages. The meetings, however, are closed to the general public. The committees guide and decide issues related to certain topics. In Joensuu, there are committees e.g. for audit, urban structure, education, culture and sports, regional waste management, participation and attraction as well as construction and environment.

The agendas and decisions of the Boards are published in Finnish on the City's website.

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