October 4th 2023 – February 4th 2024

Animals are, humans perform – Sirkus Supiainen takes the stage

In this exhibition, spotlight is given to the most dangerous beasts, but also to tiny, ecologically sustainable critters that feast on grass. Across the museum, you’ll see carbon-based life forms both big and small, fast and slow, each and all capable of expressing themselves in a multitude of ways.

The elements that form Animals are, humans perform include art works from Joensuu art museum Onni’s own collections, circus performances by the circus group Sirkus Supiainen, as well as select works by Pro Finlandia recipient Alice Kaira, which are on loan from a private collection.

In addition, the exhibition features glass paintings by painter Ville Löppönen as part of the "Darwin Chapel" installation, as well as music by Lauri Ainala, known from his work in the band Paavoharju.

The exhibition space is divided into themed rooms concerned with circus art and nature.

The exhibition along with its commissioned works and circus programme has been produced in collaboration with Sirkus Supiainen.

Sirkus Supiainen's circus performances:

Performances on Saturdays and Sundays

• Sat 7.10.2023 klo 14.00

• Sat14.10.2023 klo 14.00

• Sat 21.10. 2023 klo 14.00, syyslomaviikko 42

• Sat 11.11.2023 klo 14.00

• Sat 2.12.2023 klo 14.00

• Sat 13.1.2024 klo 14.00

• Sun 4.2.2023 klo 14.00

Performances on Wednesdays

• Wed 11.10.2023 klo 17.30

• Wed 18.10.2023 klo 17.30, syyslomaviikko 42

• Wed 25.10.2023 klo 17.30

• Wed 8.11.2023 klo 17.30

• Wed 10.1.2024 klo 17.30

• Wed 31.1.2024 klo 17.30

Tickets to Sirkus Supiainen's performances - 12€ / Museum Card + 4€. (Discounted admission prices are not used. Outside of the performances, the museum's regular pricing applies.)


Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uudet klassikot (New classics) supports Sirkus Supiainen’s production.


The exhibition’s production group:


Tarja Raninen-Siiskonen & Iiris Heino

Museum collections

Karoliina Katila, Erkki Matikainen & Jari Munkki

Museum technicians

Anssi Jukarainen, Daniel Rodriguez, Niko Lankinen & Mikko Santaniemi

Communication and marketing

Onni Kauppinen

Customer service and maintenance

Ilona Niskanen, Ville Halonen, Seija Pölönen, Artur Hirvonen, Päivi Hallikainen & Carita Pulkkinen

Sirkus Supiainen
Rauli Katajavuori, Rosa Laukkanen, Milla Kurronen, Miika Nuutinen & Tatu Vuori

Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Exhibitions

Joensuu Art Museum houses an interesting collection of art from Finland and around the world, mainly donated to the museum by private collectors. The permanent exhibitions include Finnish art from 1850s to modern days, Greek and Roman antiquities, Eastern Orthodox icons, catholic church art from Southern and Central Europe, and a collection of Chinese art, in which the oldest artifacts are from 1600 BCE.

You can listen to an audio guide on your phone while visiting us, open the guide here.



Picture 1: Icon collection. Picture 2: Albert Edelfelt, Virginie 1883. Golden Era of Finnish art. Picture 3: Chinese horse sculptures from the Han Dynasty. Picture 4: The museum building.



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Sirkus Supiainen's performances 12€ / Museokortti + 4€
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