Juhani Linnovaara, Yökarnevaalit 2008

Feb 20 – Sept 13, 2020 Endless Stories:
Selected Works from the Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Collection

Göran Augustson I Juhana Blomstedt I Marjatta Hanhijoki I Hannu Hyrske I Raimo Kanerva I Pentti Kaskipuro I Inari Krohn I Juhani Linnovaara I Elina Luukanen I Lars-Gunnar Nordström I Paul Osipow I Esa Riippa

The exhibition presents a selection of art from the Rolando and Siv Pieraccini art collection. The extensive collection, belonging to Kerava Art Museum, includes almost 1.600 works of art by famous Finnish artists. The selection in the Joensuu exhibition includes 12 artists.

The Italian-born Rolando Pieraccini has lived in Finland for over 40 years. He is a prominent art collector who earned his living as a publisher of art prints and literature. He has also made Finnish art known in Italy and elsewhere in the world, and he sometimes included Finnish artists’ prints in famous works of world literature. For instance, one of Pentti Kaskipuro’s prints ended up in Graham Greene’s book, and even on the wall of the author’s home in Antibes.

One of Kaskipuro’s role models was the Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, who mastered the depiction of light and compositions. Many artists of this exhibition have been Kaskipuro’s students and thus influenced by Morandi.

The collection could be characterized by the same words that Pieraccini used to describe the verses of a 20th century Italian poetry collection he published: It is about works that are “full of light, wonderous sweetness, the joy of youth, and at the same time a humble and silent melancholy, which is characteristic for an age of disillusionment.”

In 2009, Rolando Pieraccini was awarded with the decoration of Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland for his work for Finnish visual arts and culture.

Pictured: Juhani Linnovaara, Yökarnevaalit 2008. Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Collection, Kerava Art Museum. Photo by Pekka Elomaa


Summer 2021: Camilla Vuorenmaa

Camilla Vuorenmaa (b. 1979) combines painting and woodcut technique in her works, which expand outside the frames of traditional painting. She was awarded the Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize in 2015 and the International Solo Award in 2013.

Pictured: Camilla Vuorenmaa, Mummies 2017. Painting and woodcut, 240 x 180 cm. Photo by Jussi Tiainen

Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Exhibitions

Joensuu Art Museum houses an interesting collection of art from Finland and around the world, mainly donated to the museum by private collectors. The permanent exhibitions include Finnish art from 1850s to modern days, Greek and Roman antiquities, Eastern Orthodox icons, catholic church art from Southern and Central Europe, and a collection of Chinese art, in which the oldest artefacts are from 1600 BCE. The museum's collections of antiquities and Chinese art are among the most significant ones on public display in Finland.

The antiquities collection is currently not on display (summer 2020).

Icons, Joensuu Art Museum Arla

Chinese art Resetti

Picture 1: Icon collection. Picture 2: Finnish paintings and furniture from the late 19th century. Picture 3: Chinese sculptures from the 16th and the 18th century. Picture 4: Finnish Modernism from the 1950s, bronze sculpture on the right by Giacomo Manzù (Italy).



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