angle-left Time to give feedback on Pielisjoki riverside parks – zoning change starts

Time to give feedback on Pielisjoki riverside parks – zoning change starts

The City of Joensuu is launching a zoning change for seven parks and parts of parks on the banks of the Pielisjoki river. The extensive park area is between the Ylisoutajansilta bridge and the Sirkkala railway bridge.

See the location of the riverside parks on the map

The participation and assessment scheme of the zoning change was opened for public consultation in April and a broad consultation of the citizens has started.

– The lakeside parks are a jewel in the centre of Joensuu and are important for residents and visitors alike. We hope that a large number of people will tell us their ideas for the use of the parks, says Natalia Musikka, planning architect.

Several ways to have your say

Residents have several ways to express their views on the current use of the riverside parks and their wishes for the development of the area.

An online survey in English and Finnish has been launched. Click here to access the survey. The deadline for responses is 20 May.

The paper questionnaire can be filled in at Carelicum (Koskikatu 5) and at the Main Library (Koskikatu 25).

There are also low-threshold rapid questionnaires at the main library (Koskikatu 25) and at Perheentalo family centre (Kauppakatu 27b A2-4), where families with children are particularly well reached.

At the library, the survey device will be available until 20 May and at Perheentalo until 17 May. The quick questionnaires are also bilingual.

Also the Representative Committees for Senior Citizens, Disabled and Youth have been consulted on the means of obtaining a broad range of opinions.

Two public meetings about the plans

Two public meetings will be held during the planning process. The first will take place on Wednesday 8 May at 17:00 in the auditorium of the Pielisjoki school (Sirkkalantie 12 A) and the second will be held during the drafting phase of the plan, tentatively at the end of the year.

It is planned that the draft plan will be ready for adoption in spring 2025.

The starting point is to preserve the area as a park

The planning process is being launched because there has been demand for the use of the parks for various purposes. The riverside parks have been zoned in patches and the oldest plans date back to the 1920s.

The aim is to strengthen the area as a high-quality meeting and event place and to diversify its use for daily recreation, leisure, play and outdoor activities.

– In any case, we are not seeking to fill the park area with buildings, but to see if it can be built on at all. We have mainly had in mind small restaurants and services, not apartment blocks. The starting point is that the area should remain a park, says Musikka.

More information on the riverside parks plan is available at