angle-left Thursday, December 14th strike affects city services

Thursday, December 14th strike affects city services

A political strike is planned for Thursday, December 14th. It will affect services in the city of Joensuu.

The strike will affect at least public transport, sports services and street plowing.

Some public transport and school bus services may be cancelled. The strike involves three main operators of JOJO transport: Länsilinjat Oy, Savo-Karjalan Linja Oy and Savonlinja Oy. Triviabus Oy, on the other hand, will operate its services as usual.

On Thursday, all sports facilities in the city of Joensuu will be closed. Also, outdoor sports facilities, such as ski trails and ice rinks, will not be maintained on Thursday, December 14th.

There may also be delays in street plowing on Thursday.

Information on the effects of the strike will be updated on the website and for public transport also on