angle-left President Stubb visits Joensuu and Niirala

President Stubb visits Joensuu and Niirala

President of the Republic of Finland Alexander Stubb and his spouse Suzanne Innes-Stubb will visit Niirala and Joensuu on Wednesday 27 March 2024.

The visit will begin with a visit to the Tohmajärvi border guard station, where the presidential couple will be introduced to the activities of the North Karelia Border Guard  District.

After visiting the border station, the President and his spouse  will meet representatives of the city of Joensuu and discuss current issues in the region.

Afterwards, the President and his team will visit a primary school in Joensuu, where they will be shown around the school and President Stubb will be interviewed by schoolchildren.

At the end of the visit, there will be a coffee stop at the Joensuu market square and the President will meet with the public at approximately 1:50 pm.

The visit to Eastern Finland will be President Stubb's first trip to Finland.