angle-left Joensuu welcomes the New Year with fireworks

Joensuu welcomes the New Year with fireworks

On New Years Eve, December 31st, Joensuu will host fireworks both in the city center and in the rural municipalities.

The city center association Virta will organize a fireworks display at Kauppatori at 18:00. The traditional family New Year's reception with fireworks will be held in the rural municipalities in cooperation with the city and regional associations.

The fireworks will take place in the municipalities every hour: Pyhäselkä at 18:00, Kiihtelysvaara at 19:00, Tuupovaara at 20:00 and Eno at 21:00.

The fireworks are organized by Suomen ilotulitus Oy and are carbon neutral.

31.12. program for various parts of Joensuu

Market Square, Torikatu

17:00 – 18:00 The closing ceremony of the Dream Year of Culture in Joensuu, themed ”The Dream Lives On”. The celebration is organized by the city center association Joensuun Virta Oy.

The energetic and entertaining closing celebration will feature performances by rap duo MC Sige X Da Hanski, the most advanced students of Joensuu Dance Academy from various street dance genres, as well as soul and glam rock artist Mardi Tickle, who will provide a musical glitter fireworks display.

18:00 The ceremony culminates in Virta’s traditional children's fireworks display.

Pyhäselkä, Hammaslahti Youth Clubhouse, Pyhäseläntie 1

18:00 Fireworks 

Kiihtelysvaara service point courtyard, Aprakkatie 2

18:00 – 18:15 New Year’s Eve event. Juice bar ja sausage sales.
18:00 Devotional ceremony
18:45 New Year’s speech, Member of Parliament Seppo Eskelinen
19:00 Fireworks 

Tuupovaara Market, Koulutie 3

19:45 – 20:15 New Year’s reception
19:45 New Year’s greetings, European Youth Champion Topi Parviainen.
20:00 Fireworks 

Eno Market Square, Niskantie 19

20–21 New Year’s reception
20:00 onward, Glögg, cookies and grilled sausages are served.
21:00 Fireworks